Rules for the creators:

Laconic Machine Learning has decided to launch its “Become a Creator” program where you have the chance to share your content in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Science as well as other Computer Science fields.

Our team started with the development of a system that will allow the creators to upload their content directly on the website. Until the system is completed the creators can send their created content to the dedicated email address.

To become a creator you need to download the template below that will lead you and help you create your own article.

When you are done you can send it to

Laconic Machine Learning is the sole owner of the content and can alter the content as it sees fit in order to make it understandable for the audience and keep the same flow with the existing articles.

The creators can leave their contact info (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, etc.) that will be displayed, and that way they will increase their networks and chances to get hired by other companies.

Once your article is published you will be contacted, and you will become our partner and essentially a part of the Laconic Machine Learning family, that always strives to create FREE content for everybody, FOREVER.

Download the Become a Creator template program