With the rise of technology, Computer Science became a very popular carrier choice for many enthusiasts. The great salaries, the new invention and the new achievements that can be made each day, makes this field pretty interesting.

Of course, for salaries that range from $80,000-$200,000, and even more in the big tech companies, the knowledge threshold would be pretty high.

The best universities in the world are the ones who are associated with Computer Science the most, like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc.

Graduation from these universities can mean that you can get a job at the best companies in the world.

However, the reality is, that not many of us have the knowledge, capacity, and most important the money or the situation (like living in a 3rd world country), to go to some of these universities.

That being said, we have tons of examples, of how some of the biggest companies can employ individuals that have degrees from a lesser-known university, or don’t have a degree at all, but have tons of practical experience in a given Computer Science field.

No matter what of these cases you are in, you can always use more knowledge and information, especially if it comes for free.

In this article, we are going to list the best 8 Websites, where you can find free Computer Science books.

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These are the best 8 Websites where you can find free Computer Science books:


Note, the order of these websites with free books is completely random.


  1. AllItBooks.net

This is one of the websites that we use the most. You can find basically everything here. From basics in C/C++, Python, Java, up to Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing etc. You can find books that can be manuals with tons of examples for very specific software like Spark, Flink, etc. It is a very good database starting from beginners up to industry professionals and PhDs.



  1. FreeBooksCentre.net

This is a great website for many other areas of study, not only Computer Science. You can find tons of books for Law, Medicine, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering. If you are looking specifically for Computer Science, you can find tons of books in Data Science, Databases, Operating Systems, Web Development, Basic Programming skills, etc. Most of the books are short but rich with practical examples.



  1. FreeComputerBooks.com

As in the previous two, you will find books in every Computer Science field. In the previous two links, most of the books were published by some less known publishing houses, that doesn’t mean that those books are bad, but on this website, we found books from big and famous publishing houses.



  1. PDFDRIVE.com

This is a website with over 77 million free materials at the moment of the writing of this article. You can find tons of free books in many areas. But since this is for Computer Science. We found over 260,000 books related to Computer Science, not all of them were the best, but since all of them have a number of downloads you can easily decide what’s the best for you.




  1. OpenCulture.com

On this site, you can find many free books from different areas. According to Computer Science, there are books from top institutions like Google, MIT, Harvard, etc. There is also the Data Science category, so if you are interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, NLP, or Artificial Intelligence in general, this can be a source of top-class knowledge for you.



  1. LearnDataSci.com

Besides the tons of free Computer Science related books, you will be able to find here, you can also find some great quality Data Science and Machine Learning courses and two great boot camps. The books are available in pdf format, and are from some of the best publishing houses, like O’Reilly and Springer.



  1. Free-Ebooks.net

There about 60 good quality Computer Science books here, and tons from other areas. The ones regarding Computer Science, are quite short but nicely explained and are made to save you time, but get you to the information you need.



  1. TopFreeBooks.org

This website has tons of good Computer Science books. Most of them have the ability to be downloaded or read online using interactive GUI. Besides the books, on this website, you can find courses and audiobooks.


Also, you can buy cheap computer science books from Amazon, using our link from which we will earn a small commission that will help us improve the site.



If you’ve visited the websites listed above, you could’ve seen that there are thousands of free books and other material online. This means that you can’t blame anyone else but yourself if you are spending your time, learning nothing new.

So, our suggestion is to start searching, downloading, and learning something new, that will bring you closer to a great career in Computer Science.

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Like with every post we do, we encourage you to continue learning, trying and creating.

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