With the huge need for digitization of almost everything in the world, IT-related jobs are increasing and increasing and increasing every day.

The IT industry is the highest-paid industry in every country in the world. With such an influx of money, the traditions when it comes to an employment change.

One of those traditions is the working age. There is a term called Teen Programming. That includes jobs, you may work after-school or on weekends.

You may learn more about using each computer language, troubleshoot problems with existing code, and coordinate with other developers.

These jobs are relatively rare because most companies prefer applicants who have a degree in computer science or a related field, but some companies offer internships to aspiring programmers.

How to get a Software Development job as a Teen

Now, as I’ve mentioned in the intro part, there are not tons of these job positions laying around. So, most likely is that you might get some sort of internship, even if that, because there are already tons of Computer Science students in their last year of studies, way more qualified than you, applying for those internships.

So, in order to get that job, you need to stand out and present way more knowledge than is expected for your age.

Now, nobody expects you to have developed large-scale apps, but it is good if you have some sort of experience in developing at least console applications.

My suggestion here is, take some easy-to-learn language like Python, and try to code your Mathematic homework into a console application. That way you’ll present knowledge in understanding a real-life problem, and translating it into a Software solution.

Another good idea is to have a digital portfolio. You don’t have to code it yourself, there are tons of free or cheap platforms that will allow you to create a digital portfolio in a few hours, by drag & drop method. 

Believe me, I work for 3+ years in the industry, and there is less than 1% of people with a digital portfolio.

The companies really appreciate someone who is eager to learn, especially someone your age, so a good thing to do is to take part in coding challenges and hackathons organized by your high school or some company.

This will be beneficial for you since you’ll have to work on some complex problems and challenge yourself.

Another important thing is to work on your email writing skills. Between applying for a job position and getting hired, there are over 20 emails sent between the two directions.

Also when you start working, emailing people will be a huge part of your work.

You’ll have to send emails to your colleagues, lower and higher-level people, clients, etc. So, reading about this is highly recommended.

And as a last important point, I want to add is working on your soft skills. Communication, teamwork, listening, and taking responsibility are crucial in working in any environment.

Here are some tips on how to write a perfect CV.


I know this looks overwhelming, but it is you who wanted to get a Software Development job in your teen years. I’ve had experience managing a team where there was a teen intern.

And let me tell you, he was a good guy, but he was not good in any of the stuff mentioned above, which resulted in him not finishing the tasks and creating at times hospitable environments in the team with the other interns.

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Like with every post we do, we encourage you to continue learning, trying and creating.

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