We know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the main force moving the society into the future described in the movies in the past couple of decades. There are new heights achieved every day in different fields using Artificial Intelligence methods.

Artificial Intelligence is a huge field and contains a lot of subfields, that contain a lot of subfields themselves.

There are huge amounts of sources that claim that can help you learn Artificial Intelligence. These sources come in different forms and types, from books, blogs, projects, videos, etc.

Today we are going to talk about the video sources, more precisely YouTube videos. There are tons of videos on YouTube that you might find useful while learning Artificial Intelligence techniques.

We also have a blog post about how to gain Computer Science education from MIT University for free and top 10 best free Artificial Intelligence Courses from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

Keep in mind that these ones are out favorite channels and by no means, we say that there are no other quality content channels. If your favorite channel is not on this list, please let us know about it in the comments.



The best Artificial Intelligence YouTube Channels to learn from


Khan’s Academy

Khan’s Academy Artificial Intelligence YouTube Channel

Khan’s Academy YouTube Channel

Now, Khan’s Academy is not traditionally an AI channel, but there are tons of stuff that you need to know before you start with AI. The channel produces high-quality mathematics content In fields like Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra.

All of this is very important in order to understand the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and later Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.

If you want to see, how these mathematical fields relate to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Data Science, check our article about these are the essential mathematical skills to get a job as a Data Scientist/Machine Learning engineer.




TensorFlow in Best Artificial IntelligenceYouTube Channel

TensorFlow YouTube Channel

TensorFlow is a Deep Learning framework. It is the most popular Deep Learning framework and it is usually used in combination with Keras, which is a high-level API that works on top of TensorFlow.

This channel is one of the best out there. There are tons of video tutorials explained by the best of the best engineers, the ones who developed TensorFlow. It has tons of videos of conferences where many other engineers, professors, and researchers present their projects.

If you are interested in Deep Learning, this is the channel for you. We made a couple of articles using TensorFlow: how to predict Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases using Deep Learning in Python and explanation of Keras+Tensorflow for Deep Learning and using It in a real-world problem.




Sentdex Best Artificial Intelligence in 2020 YouTube Channel

Sentdex YouTube Channel

This is an awesome channel if you want to learn the practical implementation of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

This channel offers practical implementation of Machine Learning algorithms, Data Analytics, Deep Learning using Python and it’s libraries like Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Numpy, etc, and frameworks like Tensorflow and Keras.

There are tons of tutorials on robotics, finance, and even Quantum Computer Programming.

We will recommend you dive in the tutorials that this channel provides if you are experienced and comfortable with Python and understand the theoretical basics of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.




Stanfordinline YouTube Channel for Artificial Intelligence

Stanfordinline YouTube Channel

This the YouTube channel for the Stanford Center for Professional Development that has a mission of connecting professionals worldwide.

It has tons of playlist containing videos from different Stanford University’s courses, like Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and many other types of materials.

We will suggest these courses because they are the same course that Stanford University students are attending to and are being taught by the same professors, which are some of the best in the world. So this channel is Stanford materials for free.



Alexander Amini

Alexander Amini YouTube Channel for Artificial Intelligence

Alexander Amini YouTube Channel for Artificial Intelligence

This is channel is for the Deep Learning geeks or for the one who wants to start with Deep Learning and understand it in one week, at least that is what the professors are claiming.

It is a Deep Learning material from an MIT University’s course, packed in 31 videos. It is the best course or one of the best courses out there.

The materials start to form the basics and work it way up to how to use it in real-world projects using Reinforcement Learning techniques, NVIDIA, IBM, and Google’s software.

The channel belongs to an MIT professor.



Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman YouTube Channel for Artificial Intelligence

Lex Fridman YouTube Channel

This channel is very interesting if you are into Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Autonomous Driving. This guy is the MAN, he has a course at MIT, has tons of publications and researches that are available to everybody and has tons of podcasts on this channel with people like Elon Musk and Bjarne Stroustrup. You can check his awesome resume.




freeCodeCamp.org in Best Artificial Intelligence YouTube Channels in 2020

freeCodeCamp.org YouTube Channel

This is a very popular Computer Science related channel with around 2 million subscribers. There are tutorials for web development, data structures, and algorithms and you guessed it, Data Science tutorial.

These channels videos are a few hours long, but there are fewer videos, that will help you organize your learning schedule. For example, you can go through the Data Science tutorial for 9 days.

The tutorial contains an explanation of “what is Data Science”, Main Python, R and JavaScript Data Science libraries, and Deep Learning videos with PyTorch.




3Blue1Brown Artificial Intelligence YouTube Channel

3Blue1Brown Artificial Intelligence YouTube Channel

This channel has a lot of cool mathematical videos, as well as some concept videos. There are also very good 4 episodes serial on Neural Network.

The serial contains great structured video lectures, with cool animations that will create easier to understand the visual interpretation of what neural networks are, and how they work.

I remember these were the first videos I watched when we started to learn about Neural Networks and Deep Learning and university. So we recommend you to check this channel first if you are interested in Deep Learning.



Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval YouTube Channel

Siraj Raval YouTube Channel

Siraj’s channel is a bundle of everything AI-related. You can find videos where he is explaining the basics of something or videos where he is building real-world projects in front of you.

We really like his project building videos because they are so interactive, you can code for yourself and follow him at the same time.

He also has videos in forms of podcasts, and videos where he is explaining his views on something that is a hot topic in the AI world at the moment.

His channel was sort of inspiration for our platform, to create a bundle of AI-related articles so everybody can find with they need.



Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo YouTube Channel About Artificial Intelligence

Data Science Dojo YouTube Channel

Data Science Dojo is the YouTube channel for the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp. They claim that their Bootcamp is being attended by more than 4000 professionals from 1500 different companies.

On their channel, you can find tutorials for R language which is very useful for statistical computing, Time Series forecasting using Python which is one of our favorite AI subfields as well as other useful Data Mining techniques like web scraping, and explanation of different Data Science concepts.



The world is in need of skilled Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientist. Most of the people working in these fields have at least bachelor’s degrees.

But not everyone can afford to go to university, so does that mean that you should quit your dreams? Absolutely not, that is why there are platforms like this one, that are here to share knowledge and experience for everyone, for free forever.

There are tons of YouTube channels that will get you going same as the universities would, as you saw yourself, half of the channels of our list are from some top universities or are managed by some of the professors that teach at those universities.

Our suggestion is, pick one or two fields that you like and pursue them.

Like with every post we do, we encourage you to continue learning, trying and creating.

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