Figma is very popular among UI/UX designers and if you are one, probably you are familiar with Figma too, or even using it every day, like myself for example. I want to share with you some really useful and time-saving Figma tips and tricks that I wish I knew earlier.

Open your Figma and try these tips and tricks while you are reading this. Next time when working, remember to use them because they are time-saving and you will have an efficient workflow.

Also, if some of you is starting with UI/UX Design and it’s not sure what’s the difference between them, here I have briefly explained that.

Check out these 11 Figma tips and save your time while working:

1. Use the bar graph arc tool

  • Draw a circle.
  • Tap the arc on the right of the circle and start moving to create the shape you need


2. Align navigation bar icons quickly

  • To align the navigation bar or anything else, you can use Tidy Up, Distribute Vertical Spacing or Distribute Horizontal Spacing


3. Draw an easier circular progress bar

  • First, draw a circle.
  • Use the arc tool and sweep it to a percentage you need.
  • Make the radius as thin as you want.


4. Organize the grid and swap the position

  • Select multiple objects in the table.
  • Drag and rearrange objects and adjust their spacing.


5. Preview a color with the eye dropper

  • Use the eye dropper tool to pick the color and just hold it down instead of clicking over the color and seeing its preview in the selected object.


6. Adjust opacity quickly

  • Select the object you want to change the opacity.
  • Now, just type the number without doing anything, for example, type 55 and the opacity will be set to 55%.


7. Collapse all layers

  • On Mac, use Option + L
  • On Windows Alt + L to collapse all Figma layers. A great shortcut for cleaning your Figma file.


8. Use quick actions

  • On Mac, hold cmd + / or cmd + p and write the feature you need, like unlock all objects for example
  • On Windows, control + / or control + p, and also type what you want to do


9. Quickly fix line height

  • If your line height looks messy and you don’t have a specific value just type “auto” into the line height field or delete whatever number is there and press enter and it will adjust automatically


10. Hold down the spacebar and move the object

  • With your mouse, create a selection container
  • Hold the mouse clicked and at the same time tap and hold on the spacebar
  • While holding both the space bar and mouse clicked, move around to select something.


11. Use the scale tool to avoid distortion

  • Select what you want to scale
  • Tap K on your keyboard
  • Now scale the select, perfectly like magic



Let me know if you’ve known some of these tips and how much time have they saved you, I’m really curious. Stay tuned because we have some crazy useful articles about UI/UX design, machine learning, and lots of tips and tricks in tech. Also, follow us on TikTok for more tips and tricks about UI/UX design.


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